- From farm to fork -

Under the motto ‘Relish all the aspects of our region’ and in keeping with the Euro-Toques philosophy, De Bloemenbeek always uses ethically sourced, produced and processed products from the local area, supplemented with the most flavourful herbs from our own kitchen garden. In part, they form the basis of the classic French-Mediterranean cuisine for which De Bloemenbeek has been renowned for half a century. Our special vegetarian menu is completely geared towards this as well.

Twente produce and producers include:

  • Goat’s cheese from Wolverlei cheese dairy in Delden
  • Seasonal vegetables from organic producer De Witte Raaf
  • Kefir and yoghurt curd from the Raw Milk Company in De Lutte
  • Artisan farmhouse cheese from Kruimelboerderij Koelant in Beuningen
  • Dinkeldal beef from Erve Elferman in Denekamp
  • Shiitake from Kwekerij Masselink
  • Buffalo mozzarella from Buffalo Farm Twente
  • Strawberries and cherries from Oold Bleank