- Twente’s treasure trove! -

As a guest at De Bloemenbeek, you have access to a plethora of stunning walking and cycling routes close by and a little further afield, all set amidst Twente’s beautiful natural surroundings. In Twente, you experience peace and quiet on a walk or bicycle ride. Twente offers woodlands with babbling brooks, exceptional hillside views, heathlands with sheep, picturesque villages, ancient watermills and much more.

The Lutterzand nature reserve
The stunning Lutterzand nature reserve is located five minutes from De Bloemenbeek in the midst of the Dinkeldal river valley in Twente. It is a beautiful area that consists of 750 hectares of pine forests, sand drifts and heathlands through which the Dinkel river runs.
Lutterzand offers: enjoyable outings, paddling, nature, wonderful sand banks, spectacular riverbank erosions and many beautiful birds.
The Jan Wesselinkhoes, an ancient Saxon ‘los hoes’ (timber-framed farmhouse) is situated directly behind Lutterzand.
De Bloemenbeek uses this location as a venue for its Wining & Dining Experience for weddings, dinners and lunches.

More information: www.lutterzand.nl

Springendal nature reserve
The exceptional Springendal nature reserve, situated north of Ootmarsum, is known as The Garden of the Netherlands. It boasts unique flora, springs, valleys, push moraines, scenic ponds, waterfalls and narrow streams. Around 1920, Springendal was acquired by Enschede textile baron Jannink. He transformed the centuries-old farmlands into a country estate with many English characteristics.