- Castles and manors, authentic cultural heritage -

Twente is known for its authentic cultural heritage, such as castles and manors. Originally, manor farms were large, characteristic farms with manor houses. In Twente, they can be recognised by their black and white shutters. De Bloemenbeek’s meeting spaces and restaurant are named after Twente’s castles and manors.

Each space has its own ambience and character.

Huize Warmelo
Huize Warmelo is one of five castles around the town of Diepenheim. It is surrounded by a park of seven hectares where you can enjoy four centuries of landscape gardening – it includes a sixteenth and seventeenth century formal French garden featuring a rococo garden pond, sculptures, a rose garden and a bird sanctuary.
For more information see: www.kasteelwarmelo.nl

Twickel Castle
Twickel Castle is situated on a beautiful 4,000-hectare estate that stretches across five municipalities and encompasses 150 farms. It consists of alternating heathlands, peat bogs and woodlands, including the largest continuous oak forest in Western Europe. If you are a guest at De Bloemenbeek between mid-May and mid-October, a visit to the castle gardens is highly recommended. For more information, see: www.twickel.nl

Singraven country estate and park
Located along the Dinkel, Singraven country estate and park is Denekamp’s greatest tourist attraction. There are many unique and classic buildings on the estate, such as the stately manorhouse Huis Singraven, its Koetshuis (coach house) and the centuries-old watermill with three cogs. For more information, see: www.singraven.nl

Het Everloo
Het Everloo manor farm is located in the hamlet of Volthe, close to Oldenzaal. Nowadays, Everloo functions as a farm-restaurant where you can enjoy a pancake or a cup of coffee with currant loaf and where numerous festivals and events are held.
For more information, see: www.heteverloo.com

Bentheim Castle
Between mid-March and mid-October, over a hundred thousand people visit the castle in the German town of Bentheim, which has immense cultural and historical value.

You will be amazed as you stroll through all the intriguing buildings of the castle. The stylish Ernst-August drawing room is available as a wedding venue from May through September. For more information, see: www.kasteelbentheim.nl

Het Stift
Het Stift in Weerselo is a centuries-old protected townscape. It is a former Benedictine monastery from the twelfth century. From the fourteenth century, it was a convent where predominantly unmarried women of nobility lived. Entry to the Stift is free of charge. For more information, see: www.hetstift.nl.