- Authentic cultural heritage in the picturesque Twente countryside -

Twente is known for its authentic cultural heritage, such as castles and manors. Originally, manor farms were large, characteristic farms with manor houses. In Twente, they can be recognised by their black and white shutters. De Bloemenbeek’s meeting spaces and restaurant are named after Twente’s castles and manors. Each space has its own ambience and character.

As a guest at De Bloemenbeek, you have access to a plethora of stunning walking and cycling routes close by and a little further afield, all set amidst Twente’s beautiful natural surroundings. In Twente, you experience peace and quiet on a walk or bicycle ride. Twente offers woodlands with babbling brooks, exceptional hillside views, heathlands with sheep, picturesque villages, ancient watermills and much more.

Twente & The area

De Bloemenbeek’s greatest source of inspiration is that Twente is regarded as the Estate of the Netherlands. Peace and quiet typifies Twente. You notice that calm when you speak to people, you savour it when you enjoy the food and you feel it when you cycle or walk through the spectacular countryside. Twente lends itself to enjoyment of the lush natural surroundings, picturesque villages, culture and warm-hearted hospitality.

Twente is home to numerous country estates that are worth visiting for the listed heritage buildings, the setting amidst beautiful natural surroundings, the art, gardens, architecture, and more.