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What could be more enjoyable than taking in the pretty Twente countryside from above in absolute silence? And the best part is: there is no need to travel anywhere, because the air balloons are launched from De Bloemenbeek’s own grounds. You can also enjoy a helicopter ride from the heliport on the De Bloemenbeek estate.

The most unique spot in Twente: De Bloemenbeek’s exceptional courtyard garden, a delightful place to be. The courtyard garden is entirely surrounded by sycamores, which creates a lovely Mediterranean atmosphere.

De Bloemenbeek can provide a transparent cover for the courtyard garden in autumn and winter. It feels as though you are enjoying your event outdoors. A terrific experience! We use heaters, etc. to create a wonderful and warm atmosphere.

Klootschieten (“ball shooting”)
There are plenty of opportunities to try your hand at “ball shooting” close to De Bloemenbeek. This team sport, which originated in the eastern Netherlands, involves throwing a wooden ball weighted with lead as far as possible. Playing the sport in the beautiful surroundings of the Twente countryside makes it even more appealing. A butler will provide refreshments along the way!

Outdoor activities
Adventure King organises a wide range of outdoor sports activities in Lutterzand and Bad Bentheim. These activities can be booked separately, or as part of a package if desired.

4 x 4
Get behind the wheel of the ultimate land cruiser, the Land Rover Defender. Experience the brute force and incredible traction of the four-wheel drive in the most stunning off road terrains just across the German border.