- Michel van Riswijk -

No two days are the same in respect of Gastronomy/ Customer Experience/ Passion/ The Region/ Top sport/ Ratings/ Guest contact/ Training at De Bloemenbeek

In addition to being an SVH Master Chef and Executive Chef, Michel van Riswijk, associated with De Bloemenbeek for 30 years, is also: a trendsetter, charming host, organiser, teacher and mentor. Qualities you seldom find together in the same person. “A good chef is like an artist: you want the recognition.”

In the kitchen, he shares his knowledge and delegates. “I think I have now seen about 125 people pass through the kitchen at De Bloemenbeek. Most of them have done well for themselves. The focus here is on the team. We never work independently. Our team shares the Michelin star. I give recognition to the team in the kitchen. That way, they develop and try even harder.”

De Bloemenbeek is his home. “De Bloemenbeek is special. We have a standard to uphold.

“The essence of being a chef is to prepare dishes so that the taste lingers on in your memory. The presentation, the aroma, the taste. Captivating all the senses. And yes, then you get the recognition, the reward.”