- The surroundings of De Bloemenbeek & De Lutte -

De Bloemenbeek’s greatest source of inspiration is that Twente is regarded as the Estate of the Netherlands. Peace and quiet typifies Twente. You notice that calm when you speak to people, you savour it when you enjoy the food and you feel it when you cycle or walk through the spectacular countryside. Twente lends itself to enjoyment of the lush natural surroundings, picturesque villages, culture and warm-hearted hospitality. Twente is home to numerous country estates that are worth visiting for the listed heritage buildings, the setting amidst beautiful natural surroundings, the art, gardens, architecture, and more.

De Lutte
De Lutte is a parish in the municipality of Losser. The area is ideal for cycling and walking, with many routes crossing the small ‘mountains of Lutte’: Tankenberg, Paasberg, Hakenberg and Austieberg. The Hell Hound can be found in the village centre; a statue of a dog that would bark and howl outside farmhouses, portending the death of an ailing member of the household.

The beautiful basilica of St. Plechelm, built around 1150, has dominated the Oldenzaal skyline for centuries. The Palthehuis and the seventeenth century shutters are also historic gems. What’s more, the town centre is a lovely place to be thanks to the many shopping streets, bars, cafés and restaurants. The Hulsbeek recreational park is just outside Oldenzaal.

The historical city of Ootmarsum, the artist town of Twente, is home to the galleries of well-known artists such as Ton Schulten, Maureen Knobben, Bianca Leusink, Annemiek Punt, Lambert Oude Wesselink, Marijke Kuiphuis, Frans Houben, and others. Apart from the art, a visit to the Los Hoes open-air museum is highly recommended.

Losser is also called ‘The Treasure Trove of Twente’. The municipality of Losser is situated in natural surroundings that consist of woodlands, sand drifts and heathlands. Arboretum Poort Bulten, Oelemars bird sanctuary, Lutterzand nature reserve and the push moraines are popular green attractions.

The municipality of Dinkelland includes a number of parishes and hamlets. The St. Nicolaasstichting monastery is located in Noord-Deurningen. The little village of Tilligte and the hamlet of Brecklenkamp boast many old farms and windmills in a scenic and enchanting environment where you can cycle and walk to your heart’s content.

A visit to experiential natural history museum Wonderryck Twente in Denekamp, close to the German border, is well worth a visit. The same goes for Singraven country estate and park with its famous watermill.